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Story time

Let me tell you a story. It's about Lisa, Lisa always overflows her flowers. DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE LISA?!

Okay okay maybe a little dramatic. Here is another one, it's about Jake,
Jake never water his plants so they die of dehydration! THAT'S LITERALLY MURDER!! Do you want to be like JAKE?!?!


Are you tired of being like Lisa and Jake? Do you want to have healthiest plants in the world? Then calm the **** down i got you covered ❤️

With this Plant water reminder app you won't ever forget to water, fertilize or rotate your plants again! Let the plants live and forget about the word dehydration 🎉

Plants need constant care and the most important one is watering 💦 This reminder app lets you add you plants and then set custom reminders for example water reminder. Later when it's time to water your plants we send you a reminder in form of a push notification so you can't miss it! Sounds great right